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I’m Stephanie Browning, in my 20 plus years as a professional jazz singer in Chicago I learned fearless improvisation and the power of music to bring joy, healing and connection.

  • Stephanie in 2018 long white dress singing with band, eyes closed head tilted
  • Stephanie sings passionately on stage with her band behind her and a gold naked lady statue at the Green Mill Chicago - fabulous!
  • Stephanie smiles and laughs on stage in front of the neon WALL OF FAME sign at Andys - pure joy
  • This black and white image shows the bass player's on the left in the background. Stephanie with short dark blonde hair, sings on the right and the piano keyboard in the left foreground. They're on stage in a glamorous Hong Kong cocktail bar.

My mission is to make music accessible and fun to play for everyone. My agenda is joy!

Stephanie browning

I learned on the bandstand. After my appearance as Artist-In-Residence at the world-famous Gold Star Sardine Bar where I recorded a live CD, and got some good press, I played The Green Mill, Andy’s Jazz Club, Pop’s for Champagne, and many other Chicago spots as well as traveling to Sweden, Hong Kong and Japan.

“This level of musical imagination, tonal control and interpretive savvy rarely meet in the work of a single artist.”

Howard Reich, Arts Critic,
The Chicago Tribune

I played with so many excellent musician in fabulous places, traveled around the world, held down steady gigs for years at some of Chicago’s sweetest nightspots, including almost a decade of singing every Friday and Saturday Night at the gorgeous Peninsula Hotel – voted Best Hotel in North America many times.

But still … something was missing.

In 2007 I discovered the science of neural-plasticity and the work of Neurobiologist Nina Kraus, at Northwestern University, and the Cognitive Neuroscience of Music sparked my imagination.

We’ve found that by playing music — an action thought of as a function of the neocortex — a person may actually be tuning the brainstem

This suggests that the relationship between the brainstem and neocortex is a dynamic and reciprocable one and tells us that our basic sensory circuitry is more malleable than we previously thought.”

Music is a resource that tones the brain for auditory fitness,” Kraus adds. “…You’re not going to get fit watching spectator sports. It’s what we actively do that tunes our nervous system.”

 Nina Kraus, Northwestern University – Music Training ‘Tunes’ The Human Auditory System. Science Daily

Science showed that actively playing music could be real medicine for the brain … but how to deliver that musical ‘medicine’?

This important question dovetailed with a big idea I’d been working on for over ten years. I read an article in Science News saying Mozart had a pet Starling. The bird lived with Mozart, mimicked his compositions and sometimes made corrections that Mozart deemed superior to his own. More than once Mozart took the bird’s suggestions and changed his manuscript! I fell in love with the character of a bird who understood sheet music.

This was the beginning of what I called “The Bird Game.” I read and researched, sketched and dreamed of creating a video game that would illustrate musical concepts for children using the using a descendant of Mozart’s musical bird as a teacher and flight as analogy for music. A little star had fallen from the sky and needed to fly back home.

In the fall on 2010 my sister-in-law invited me to come ‘do music” with her community of adults with developmental disabilities at Garden Center Services in Burbank, Illinois. I started as a volunteer doing one singalong and it was love at first song.

Rocking the Gym every Thursday

They hired me part-time in January of 2011. It was a lab to test out my ideas! And they worked for a lot of people.

“Through the creative strategies she has developed to teach musical notes through signs and symbols, people who never thought they could ever play a song are now doing just that…

Cindy Haworth, Director of Operations,
Garden Center Services, Burbank, IL

Over the next six years I worked with over a hundred students and they helped me to create this transformational non-verbal way to look at music: Sparticles

Anyone who wants to play – can play!

Let me share Sparticles with you.

I’ve been a professional singer for years and I developed this for myself and my students.

Give it a try! You’ll see results right away and experience the joys of music.

  • Do you wish you could sit down and play your favorite song on the piano?
  • Or pick up a new song and really learn it by heart?
  • Have you struggled since you were a kid to make sense of sheet music?

“I love the way my music teacher teaches. She makes it easy to learn and understand how to play my keyboard. My music teacher is very fun to learn with.”

Online Sparticles Student age 9
  • Are you trying to get your kids to take music lessons but they hate it?
  • Would you like to learn along with your kids?
  • Do you dream of a Family Band?

“My child has never been so excited for music lessons. He is happy to practice and ends every lesson by saying “that was fun.”

I highly recommend Stephanie’s approach to teaching music to children.”

9-Year-Old Student’s Parent

For a short time I’m offering a one-on-one online music session with me – Stephanie Browning. This is different than anything you’ve ever tried – no experience necessary. Sparticles is a new way to look at music.