SPARTICLES makes it possible for anyone to play a song the first time they try. This creates a feeling of success and fosters confidence, which leads to involvement at whatever level appeals to that person.

This student wanted play piano even though he is deaf.

Colors, shapes, numbers and letters, the will to play a favorite song: each person connects at their own level. It’s not that we’re headed to Carnegie Hall – the joy is in the moment of focused concentration. The brain chemicals will be doing their work but it will feel like fun.

Sparticles is for any brain young, or old and in between. If you have NO musical experience or if you’ve worked hard on music for years but you still remain blocked. Sparticles makes it simple: If you want to play you can.

Look at that smile!

Do it just for fun, do it to learn music, do it to connect with others, or do it so you can learn together with your child. It will bring you joy.

From 2011 to 2016 I worked with a diverse population of over a hundred adults with developmental disabilities. During this time I was learning from them and developing my method – Sparticles. My goal was to make music accessible and engage people at any level. Seeing each person roughly once a week for ten to twenty minutes we experienced a lot of success. But this method is not limited to people with cognitive or physical challenges – Sparticles is for everyone. Because it’s fun!