What song do you want to play?

Stephanie Browning Sings at the Peninsula in Chicago

“Falling in love with a song and learning it by heart is one of life’s great joys!”

Stephanie Browning

Many people love music and want to play but they’re robbed of that joy Understanding sheet music can be a huge barrier. I’ve been singing jazz professionally for over twenty years but I still struggled with reading sheet music.

Even after years of taking piano lessons, practicing scales and exercises I was still not free on the piano.

Sparticles Music has changed all that for me! Now I play with joy and freedom.

This way of seeing music has transformed the way I approach the piano, sheet-music, playing and learning songs.

To be able to sit down and play a song I love without hesitating or thinking too hard – I love it. One of my adult students, now in her mid 50’s survived a childhood traumatic brain injury. She had taken lessons for years as a child but had been unable to play with both hands her whole adult life. In a few sessions she went from “knowing” that she couldn’t do it to knowing that she could!

I have found that playing the keyboard is addicting now!  I am going to have to learn some more of my favs so can just sit down and play. .. I never imagined! … Thank you for showing me that I can play the keyboard, and with BOTH HANDS!


Although I developed this non-verbal way of looking at musical working with adults with developmental disabilities, Sparticles Music Learning Tools are for anyone who wants to play. In my six years had over a hundred students of all ages and abilities, I met them wherever they were and connected them with their favorite song. Week after week they loved playing using Sparticles and they learned skills they never thought they could.

They did it, you can do it. No experience necessary.After all studies show that actively playing music is the best thing you can do for your brain at any age. Also … it Is SO fun.

That was so fun!  That was the best music lesson ever. I can’t wait to show my dad and my brother what I made.” 

8 YEAR OLD ONLINE SPARTICLES STUDENT after making his first songmapTM

Other music methods say ‘practice makes perfect’ but Sparticles is not about achievimg perfection it’s about joy. As a professional vocalist Sparticles has transformed my own ability to play freely and move past a life-long barrier of reading sheet music.

Sparticles will put the music in your hands.

Do it …. Because it’s fun!

Sparticles Music is for everyone who wants to play.

SongMap™ is a monthly subscription for those who want to get inside a song and learn it “by heart”

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