Let me share Sparticles with you, your family, or your organization.

I’ve been a professional singer for years and I developed these Music-Learning Tools for myself and my students.

Give it a try! You’ll see results right away and experience the joys of music. It’s like Conversational Music

  • Do you wish you could sit down and play your favorite song on the piano? – you can.
  • Or pick up a new song and really learn it by heart? – it’s SO FUN and you can do it.
  • Have you struggled since you were a kid to make sense of sheet music? I can make all that work pay off in a few sessions and put music back in your hands and in your life.
  • Is there someone you know with physical or cognitive challenges who might want to make music. Even if you never you thought they could – especially if you never thought they could.

What can Sparticles do for you?

Order a music-learning toolkit.

Reading traditional sheet music is hard – music is easy. Use these beautiful learning tools to put the music in your hands. Anyone who wants to play can play a song today. It’s really good for your brain but mostly … because it’s fun!

Tell me what Sparticles Music can do for me…

Stephanie with bright colored shapes behind her

About Me

Hi, I’m Stephanie Browning. I’ve been singing jazz professionally for decades.

In 2010 I started as a volunteer “doing music” with adults with developmental disabilities. I met each student where they were and built connections week after week Six years later I had created a set of learning tools that connected with my students. Making music accessible to everyone has become my mission! I’ve got the tools let me show you how to use them Read more